Differences Between Original and Fake Colourpop

Hi all. 
Nowadays we have a variety of lip cream products with a difference prices and qualities.
Colourpop brand we should called as 'affordable' since the price only $6. 
( if converted to Malaysia Ringgit = RM 24.97 )
usually the price for pre-order Colourpop Matte Lip (based on instagram shop) RM30- RM39 
some shop offer a very high price until RM45! 
and, Not Including the POSTAGE!
that one not ready stock, but yet still expensive TT

and of course we will go for fake which we have been called as "Inspired" for more cheaper and ready stock.
but my advice, if y'alls very love yourself especially your lips, please and please
buy the original products
your patience for time and money will worth after you apply 
the product on yourself. 
trust me, you will feel the different !

because of the price and the time for waiting our beloved lip cream, 
somehow a person like me, a very eager one
me like to try and test
(since i never brought a fake cosmetic before.. ehem)
here, I will show y'alls the differences between 
original and fake Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

I'll used a different shade, Solow for Original and Tulle for Fake
since I didn't able to find a same shade. 
i brought the original first (pre order 3 and half week, almost 1 month
then after that i brought the "inspired" - ready stock.

A. The Appearances 

1. The Weight:  Original Ultra Matte Lip (UML) have a different weight compare to the fake UML. 
Original UML more heavier than the fake UML. 


2.  The Length: There a different between the original and fake Colourpop UML based on the box. 
The original box its slightly longer than the fake box. 
You will notice on the first time you see the box. 

3. The Label: Original Colourpop UML have a bright white font for the shade name on the red sticker but the fake label, its have clear sticker and the font are not clear. 

4. The Design: Both have a shinny and colorful reflection on 'Ultra Matte Lip' but for the surface of the box, the original UML box have slightly "sleek and glossy" surface compare to fake UML box which have a kinda of matte and not shinny surface.

5. The similarity of boxes  : Both have a pretty good similarity on the right side of the box. But if we take a closer look, the fake UML box have a deep pink color than original UML box. 

[The Casing/Bottle of Lip Cream]

6. The Size: Because of having a slightly shorter box, the fake UML also have shorter bottle of lip product compare to the original one. The other thing, if y'alls manage to touch the cap of the bottle, the original product has a quite round cap, compare to the fake product which has straight and it can  stand by itself if we rotate the bottle. 

7. The Name of Shade: Original UML has a little bit bold font and bigger code number compare to fake UML which has smaller code number of lip cream. 

8. The tip of the bottle: Based on the picture shown above, the original product has longer and higher bottle tip compare to the fake product. And because of the original UML are in liquid form, the product are sticking on the tip of the bottle. 

9. The applicator: The size, of course different. The shorter is the fake UML, the longer is original. 
So, the picture shows the original applicator are smaller size and more fluffier than the fake applicator. Also, the original applicator have clear white handle while the fake applicator have solid white handle

10. The Smell: Original product has no smell but the fake product has a quite strong chemical smell. Once applied on the lips, you already can taste the chemical on your mouth. 
taste like soap! TT

11. The Formula: The original has very liquidy formula and very pigmented. Doesnt need to double coat compare to fake product. The formula of fake product are slightly emm dry? yaa and also some shade need to double coat. 

12. The Application
(sorry for messy application ;P)


Both has it own strengths and weakness (eceh, dah macam thesis dahh)

1. Pros: 
-Comfortable to wear all day
- Dry easily, matte finish
- very pigmented

2. Cons:
- show crack line on your lip TT
- too dry
- hard to remove

1. Pros
- Satin finish
- Doesn't show crack line
- Feel like not wearing any lip product

2. Cons:
- a little bit "hot" on lips
- take a longer time to dry
- if we talk a lot, the lip product will easily 'disappear' haha
- sticky feeling (some shade)
- need double coat application
- will transfer easily if the lips get wet

ok done!

it will be more better if we buy the thing that we loved in original condition rather than fake. 
so do friends.

p/s: sorry for my bad english. Im still learning to write properly. 

la revende, hasta la vista

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